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USA-Cuba-InfoMed is dedicated to the support of public health development in the third world and the Republic of Cuba in particular through the Cuban medical information network (InfoMed). USA-Cuba-InfoMed emerged from efforts in 1995 and 1996 to provide Cuba's Ministry of Public Health (MINSAP) with computers and other materials needed to sustain and expand its medical information network. These efforts were carried out in 1995 in coordination with Peace for Cuba Task Force (San Francisco Bay Area). During 1996 USA-Cuba-InfoMed collaborated with IFCO/Pastors for Peace in the implementation of the Sixth Friendship Caravan to Cuba, which took approximately 400 computers (all donated by individuals and institutions) to Cuba's InfoMed. Due largely to the roughing-up by US agents at the border only 325 arrived in working condition.

As of December 2000 a cumulative total of more than 2000 computers as well as routers, switches and other networking infrastructure components have been sent to Cuba's hospitals and clinics by USA-Cuba-InfoMed through various means and routes with the help and support of many individuals and organizations.

USA-Cuba-InfoMed has also assisted Cuban health professionals by providing spare parts, books, other specially requested materials and various types of consultation. USA-Cuba-InfoMed strives to reach health and information professionals. We aspire to:

With the collaboration of the Cuban Ministry of Public Health, USA-Cuba-InfoMed participated in the 1996 annual meeting of the American Public Health Association (New York, November 17-21) with a booth to exhibit Cuba's achievements to visiting public health professionals USA-Cuba-InfoMed

On May 30th 1997 in San Jose, California, USA-Cuba-InfoMed representatives presented a paper about Cuba's InfoMed at the Spring Meeting of American Medical Informatics Association (AMIA). The paper's title was "Supporting Medical Informatics in the Developing World. Cuba's InfoMed: A case study"

On November 4-7, 1997 USA-Cuba-InfoMed facilitated the participation of a Cuban InfoMed representative in the "International Conference on Medicine and the Internet, MEDNET-97, (Brighton, England) where the following paper was presented: "Is it possible to Create Medical Information Networks in the Developing World? Cuba's Response: INFOMED" by P. Urra Gonzalez, J. Hernandez Ojito, J. Reardon, A. Magrans de Cardenas. . The British Cuba Solidarity Campaign from London and Brighton was instrumental in making the Cuban presence at this conference possible.

On November 24-25, USA-Cuba-InfoMed was invited and participated in the international conference on "Resource Mobilization for the Health Sector" in Havana, Cuba, organized by the Cuban Ministry of Public Health (MINSAP) and sponsored by the World Health Organization (WHO) and PAHO. At this conference a diagnosis of the Cuban health system was presented and areas of priority need were identified. As one of the signatories of the Declaration of the International Conference Resource Mobilization for the Cuban Health Sector, USA-Cuba-InfoMed invites and encourages everyone to join in this effort by MINSAP and the Cuban people to recover the ground lost in these years. Many specific projects are presented as "Options For Solidarity And Friendship."

In its January 1, 1998 edition, the Silicon Valley based computer industry magazine, MicroTimes, included Project USA-Cuba-InfoMed and its founders Dave Wald and Juan Reardon in its 11th annual year end list of the "MicroTimes 100 -- High Tech's High Achievers -- Famous and Not So Famous." Here's what they had to say "We're happy to applaud this endeavor and hope it inspires others to recycle old equipment where it will do the most good." (Steve Jobs and Bill Gates also made the list, but who cares about that.. (See also: The feature article on USA-Cuba-InfoMed published in MicroTimes in 1995).

Project USA-Cuba-InfoMed hosts a Cuba solidarity web site at The web allows the publication and posting of news related to health in Cuba and solidarity efforts to support it. The Cuba Solidarity Web Site has been useful in promoting support for the Cuban Humanitarian Relief Act: H.R. 1951, to lift the U.S. restrictions on food and medicine. The bill presently has 84 co-sponsorship in the U.S. congress. The web site connects with the InfoMed Web page in Cuba and with the Republic of Cuba's Web page. The web site has been recommended by the Cuban Interest Section in Washington as a source of accurate news on Cuba. It is also a place where members of the movement of solidarity with Cuba can connect and exchange information. We invite all groups working toward the end of the embargo to visit and make use of the Cuba Solidarity Web site.

USA-Cuba-InfoMed continues to work towards the above mentioned goals and encourages other organizations standing for justice and fairness on all issues to oppose the blockade of Cuba.

In Solidarity,

David Wald

Juan Reardon, MD, MPH

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