USA-Cuba InfoMed Project

USA-Cuba InfoMed Founder David Wald: 1928-2008

Our tireless compañero y commandante David Wald died on May 18, 2008, after an 80 year jujitsu match with the enemies of peace and social justice, conducted always in high spirits. David clearly won on the merits, but as the other side has repeatedly displayed unsportsmanlike conduct the rest of us will need to continue our own work as well to rack up the inarguable victory. Infomed has written a nice appreciation of Dave's life and work and we have begun our own appreciation as well, with more to come in the next few weeks.

  • What is Cuba's InfoMed Project?

  • What is the USA-Cuba InfoMed Project?

  • See the Cuban side of the project! This is a mirror of sites on Cuban machines - machines which originated as donations to the USA-Cuba Infomed Project. See how some are being used! (Not every machine grows up to be a web server) Please be patient: some deeper links in the site and CGI may be broken or very slow. You might want to look at the errata on your way in.

  • Status of USA-Cuba InfoMed - December, 2000 update

  • USA-Cuba Infomed Project: urgent needs as of December 2000

  • List of U.S. Endorsers for USA-Cuba-InfoMed.

  • The Cuban Institute of Friendship with the Peoples (ICAP) expresses appreciation to USA-Cuba InfoMed. (1998)

  • USA-Cuba InfoMed Participates in Demonstrations in Washington, DC and San Francisco to demand the return of Elián González to his father. See the photos...

    Urgent Needs - updated December 2000

    1. InfoMed's most pressing problem at the moment is one of greatly increasing bandwidth into and within the country. One possibility is the use of satellites. If this is an area in which you have knowledge which might be helpful - please let us know!

    2. InfoMed demonstrated radio modems while we were visiting, part of a long delayed plan to bring network access to those remotely located doctors don't have telephone access. If you know about radio modems - we'd be particularly excited to hear from someone who has experience in homebrew radio IP networking - please be in touch. As items to purchase, these are very expensive.

    3. Infomed needs several hundred 1-2 gigabyte hard disk drives in the short term. In the long term, we may find that we need to try to find a way to purchase drives that size.

    4. A supply of 72-pin RAM is needed to improve performance of the InfoMed computers.

    5. Conventional modems in quantity: we frequently get machines donated without modems, and need hardware modems which run at 14.4 or better. We'd like to have 250 by the end of the year.

    6. Money. Radio modems? Satellite feeds? RAM? Harddrives? Each of these things in quantity? You do the math - you're smart people. We're trying to help out with a 2000 computer medical informatics network here. We still repair 'em one at a time, but keeping replacement parts and upgrades flowing for our installed base is quite a challenge.
    for more background on these, please read our most recent status report

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