Health Care in Cuba

Background on the U.S. Economic Blockade Against Cuba
The U.S. Embargo of Cuba, its effect on Health, and organizations working to make a difference!

Cuba offers 5000 Medical School Scholarships to Central American countries and opens the new Latin American School of Medical Sciences to all students - including US students! Also, see the school's own site, in Spanish

Healthcare News From Cuba

Cuba currently has over 2000 health professionals providing aid in 57 countries.

This section of the Cuba Solidarity Web Site is devoted to providing news on developments in Cuba's uniquely resourceful health care system which has continued working well for decades despite the US embargo.

Perhaps the most important lesson that can come from studying public health in Cuba is the level of creativity, innovation and success that can be brought to bear to the benefit of a population's health through a simple but fundamental decision to make healthcare one of the highest priorities of a society and an economy.

Resources For Health Professionals Seeking Training and Experience in Cuba
Pan American Health Organization (PAHO): Country Profile: Cuba

V Regional Congress on Health Sciences Information, Havana, Cuba, April 25-27, 2001.

Also, on April 23-24, 2001:

II Regional Meeting of the Virtual Health Library Coordination and VIII Regional Meeting of the Latin American and Caribbean System on Health Sciences Information.

Go on line with our mirror of Cuba's InfoMed Web Site! See the system at work!
Cuban Vaccine May Open Window in US Blockade

Neurocirugía´99 / Neurosurgery´99 Sixth Cuban Congress and 1st Virtual Meeting

  • Congress: December 13-17, 1999 in Havana, Cuba
  • Virtual Meeting: 11/17-12/17 1999(via Cuba's InfoMed and Spain's UNINET)

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