Welcome to, and notes on, the USA-Cuba Infomed Project Beta Mirror and Front-end for Cuba's Infomed WWW Network

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Frequently Asked Questions about the mirror: why, what, when....

Why do we have these Cuban pages here? Visitors from outside Cuba frequently find the Cuban Infomed network's web sites can be slow to load. To help out, we have worked with the Infomed staff to bring you a "snapshot" of the Cuban sites.

What is this "snapshot?" It is a copy of the Infomed websites made in September of 2000. We're not currently maintaining a daily or a weekly mirror of the sites; we wanted to give visitors a view of the network of sites, though.

We're particularly excited that we're able to host copies of the provincial health centers' sites. This should give you an idea of how well-distributed the Infomed network is becoming in Cuba, and how well-adopted.

What does "Beta" mean? It means that we know there are problems in our mirror. Some of the URLs inside the mirror were munged in the process of moving the files and resetting the pointers to local folders. If your browser is trying to load a file from your C: drive which isn't there, or a dead URL has a /../ string in it, you've come across an unrepaired mistake. Another problem is that the CGI scripts from Infomed are not installed at cubasolidarity.net. CGI is used heavily in searching; deleting all references to it from the Cuban pages would dramatically change their appearance. For now, you will occasionally get CGI errors, especially if you try to use the search functions on these pages. Another group of errors is in Javascript on these pages. We haven't had time to debug all of it yet, and it didn't all gracefully make the transition.

What does "Front-end" mean? It means that we've tried, where possible, to get the pages here to successfully point outside the site where they need to. Once you begin loading pages from machines in Cuba, you may see slower load time, so keep an eye on the location line. You will usually find at least two and often as many as four or six links through Cuba's Infomed network mounted on this server.

In the future, we would like to translate some or all of these pages from Spanish to English. If anyone would like to volunteer to help with that project, please let us know! In the meantime, a tool which you might find useful is the Worldlingo translation plugin for Internet Explorer (Windows only, sorry) 5.0 and above.

If you run into a problem in these pages you don't think we know about, yell at Peter. The Infomed staff in Cuba did the very nice coding. Peter made all the mistakes getting it here.

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